Seyed M. H. Hosseini, Dr.-Ing.

Member of the Research Training Group, 8.01.2014 - 31.01.2015

Seyed Mohammad Hossein Hosseini

University of Rostock
Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Institute of General Electrical Engineering

Tel. +49-(0)381-498-7079
Fax  +49-(0)381-498-7094
Email: seyed.hosseini(at)


Developing of piezoelectric bio-active implants for bone modeling/remodeling process


Within the scope of this research the simulations are supported by experimental measurements in cooperation with correlated projects including “New Materials for implant systems for bone regeneration”. Based on findings on the relationship between di- and piezoelectric properties and surface potentials, a model for the simulation of bioactive implants shall be developed and their influence on bone-forming (osteoblasts) and bone-resorbing (osteoclasts) shall be studied.