Friederike G. E. Kunz, Dr. rer. nat.

Member of the Research Training Group, 15.08.2011 - 14.08.2013


supervising - past


In vitro analysis of calcium channel function in osteoblasts


This research aspect is part of the project area A: “implant systems for bone regeneration” in cooperation with sub-project A-4.

Chemical, physical and electrical characteristics of biomaterial surfaces determine cellular acceptance and integration into the host tissue. Adequate cell adhesion is essential for subsequent cell function and occupation of artificial surfaces. Here, the focus is on the regulation of voltage gated calcium channels by prominent cellular adhesion components like the actin cytoskeleton. Complementary to the current studies within A-4, actin reorganization due to microstructured titanium surface is analyzed with regard to consequences for calcium entry. To approximate experimental conditions to aged or compromised bone, an artificial in vitro model was established and included. Experiments are performed using the human osteoblastic cell line MG-63 cultured on either chemically modified or geometrically microstructured titanium. Methods comprise immunocytochemistry, CLSM, flow cytometry, patch clamp and calcium imaging techniques.


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