Dipl.-Biol. Sebastian M. Bonk

Sebastian M. Bonk

University of Rostock
Faculty of Biophysics

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Implementation of sensors and actuators for the characterization of the interaction of bone-cells with artificial surfaces


The Aim of this project is to establish a system to characterize the influence of mechanical stimulation to bone like cells. The stimulation of bone should increase the healing after bone fractures and should decrease bone loss in higher ages. In this project, the important physiological parameters like acidification (pH) and oxygen consumption (O2) as well as adhesion should be monitored in the stimulated systems to clarify the influence of the stimulation on pH and oxygen conditions in the system. The development of the CMMS (Cell Monitoring and Manipulation System) makes it necessary to investigate the influence of the used materials of CMMS.


In essence, this project includes the following main stages

  • Characterization of a bone like cell culture line as test system
  • Development of a culture system for bone like cells with ability for mechanical stimulation and perfusion
  • Development or modification of sensors for cell characterization
  • Development of a stimulation approach
  • Comparison of cell growth depending on the stimulation and surface in the system


The tests for the cell compatibility of the CMMS materials showed that the two established cells lines (MG63 and MC3T3-E1) adhere and proliferate on al materials without further coating of the chip surface. Furthermore, I could show that the increase of the pH is advantageous for both cell lines.

For the chip development, a new approach for thin-layer glass chips was introduced using an ultra-short pulse laser system.


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