MSc Mirjana Holst


In silico study on in vitro experiments to determine the electric membrane properties of a realistic cochlear model for electric field simulations on cochlear implants


For further development, optimisation and improvement of the design and the effectiveness of the cochlear implants, a realistic geometric and electric performance of a cochlear model is required. Therefore, beside a 3D-model, the demand for establishing and realisation of a reliable in vivo measurement method for determination of the impedances of biological tissues is essential. The primary objective of this study is to simulate and verify an in vitro measurement model for determination of the electrical material properties, the electrical conductivity and the electrical permittivity, of the cochlear membranes.


  • In silico study of the in vitro experimental setup
  • In vitro determination of the impedances of artificial and biological membranes
  • Validation and verification of the obtained numerical results with the measurement data received from an in vitro experiment



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