Dipl.-Chem. Katarcyna Biala

Member of the Research Training Group, 01.11.2008 - 31.01.2011


Characterization of the extracellular matrix dependent on the chemical composition of the underlying surface

(continued by: Andreas Körtge)



LANGE, R., ELTER, P., BIALA, K., MATSCHEGEWSKI, C., STÄHLKE, S., LÖFFLER, R., FLEISCHER, M., NEBE, J.B., KERN, D. and BECK, U., 2010. Titanium surfaces structured with regular geometry-material investigations and cell morphology. Surface and Interface Analysis, 42(6), pp 497-501.


  • BIALA, K., LANGE, R., STÄHLKE, S., NEBE, JB., und BECK, U., 2010. Physical and electrochemical characterisation of regular microstructred titanium and their influence on cell morphology. Proc. BMT 2010, Rostock, Deutschland.
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