In vitro characterization of physiological effects of electro-mechanical stimulation on bone cells in a microfluidic 3D environment


The Aim of this project is to investigate the influence of mechanical stimulation on the proliferation and differentiation of bone cells. To additionally consider the interaction of bone cells a co-culture system of osteoblasts and osteocytes is to be established, which allows to monitor the growth of the osteoblasts during the course of the ongoing stimulation approach.


In essence, this project includes the following main stages

  • Characterization of the osteocyte cell line MLO-Y4 and the osteoblast like cell line MC3T3 as test system
  • Development of a co-culture system for these cells with the ability for mechanical stimulation,perfusion and simultaneous monitoring of growth
  • Development of a suitable stimulation protocol
  • Comparison of cell growth depending on the stimulation
  • Detection of responsible factors


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AZ: DE 10 2015 220 651.3, GALOW, A., BONK, S., WYSOTZKI, P., BAUMANN, W., Medizinisches Implantat und Verfahren zu Osteoblastenkultivierung


In addition to the entire graduate school, my supervisors are: